Getting a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?

For the past few days I’ve been peeing a lot more than normal. About every hour or 2 I feel like I have a full bladder but when I go to the bathroom I barely pee. Could I be getting a UTI?

Male Bladder from A Manual Of Operative Surgery 1910
Male Bladder

This is a common symptom of the beginning of a UTI (especially if accompanied by pain when you do urinate.) In the past my doctor has recommended that if this happens I should drink a lot of fluids and at least one large glass of unsweetened cranberry juice a day. If you start to run a fever though or otherwise feel really sick, you should go to a doctor. Bladder infections are normally minor, but kidney infections can be serious! (Also miserable, I’ve had one.) Depending on your doctor, you may be able to call and just go in and give a urine sample for testing. It is important to note that while the (really cool IMHO) picture here is a male bladder, UTI’s are much more common in those of us with a vagina. (But seriously, I love old medical drawings!)

If you have recently had sex (particularly vaginal penetration) with a new partner, in a new position or (lucky you) a lot more sex than usual, it is possible that you have minor internal bruising that is causing this – even so, fluids and cranberry juice can be protective. This is usually called honeymoon cystitis, because apparently the only time we are supposed to have a bunch of sex is during our honeymoons. (Ugh!)

However, not only am I not a doctor, I am not YOUR doctor. If you feel really sick or it doesn’t go away or you just feel off or concerned, go see your doctor or a clinic. UTI’s can be very serious.

Image Credits: Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

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