Will the mole on my stomach put people off?

I’ve got an audition to become an exotic dancer tomorrow but I’ve got this eraser size mole on my stomach. Will that put people off?

Marilyn Monroe photographed arriving at Ciro's nightclub for a soirée celebrating Louella Parsons, published on page 37 of the November 1954 issue of Modern Screen.

No, don’t worry about it! If anyone says anything, it’s a beauty mark like Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor’s. Women have even pasted or pierced on beauty marks at various times in history to get the look. (I’d seen the piercings, but I just learned they are called Monroe Piercings.)
More important than how it looks, is how you feel about it. Like the rest of your body, feeling (or faking) confident and sexy has more to do with how others will perceive you than a little thing like a mole. That confidence will get you more tips as a dancer and more dates or whatever kind of attraction you are looking to get in the rest of your life.
Of course if your beauty mark shows any of the mole warning signs, like changing, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.
Good luck at your audition and in the rest of your life.

Image Credits – Modern Screen, November 1954, p 37. via

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