Oversensitive Glans Penis

I am uncircumcised and have no problem with sensitivity when I am not erect (I can touch it easily), but if it is exposed during oral sex it is almost unbearable. I can have sex with a condom on fine but the second someone touches it with their mouth I literally have spasms and have to push them away. Any advice on how to change this, it’s pretty annoying…

Diagram of uncircumcisied penis from Sobotta's Atlas and Text-book of Human Anatomy 1906 showing glansYour best choice is learning with your partner how to have oral sex in a way that feels good. (You can then return the favor.) If your partner isn’t willing to work with you to make sex enjoyable for both of you, that is probably the bigger issue. If you regularly have shorter term partners where you might not have time to work on this slowly, you need to learn how to communicate this quickly to your partner. “I think oral feels better with a condom on,” is a perfectly fine thing to say and might actually make your partner more comfortable.

It is possible that circumcision could help this, but it could also make it worse. It isn’t worth the risks. You may have an adhesion of skin to a sensitive spot that makes it overly sensitive, in this case circumcision is likely to help, but so would just having that small adhesion removed (removing adhesions like this on the penis or clitoris is magic, if you even suspect you have one, get it checked out!) You can also try using numbing gels, although they are likely to numb your partner’s mouth as well and leave you numb when you might want to play later. A urologist can help you with all of this and provide much better answers than anyone on the internet, as an exam is probably necessary. Again, not only am I not a doctor, I’m not YOUR doctor.
Image attribution: Sobotta’s Atlas and Text-book of Human Anatomy 1906 via Wikimedia

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