Why Conversation and Consent?

Why does the world need another blog on sex (or relationships or health or whatever)?

Despite there being many resources for sexual education, it isn’t uncommon to still have questions about sex, sexual health, relationships and gender. Sexuality and sexual health is a lifetime issue and the need for education on these issues also lasts a lifetime. We are all always learning or have the opportunity to learn. As we go through life, our situation changes, our health changes and even if we “knew it all” or knew everything we needed to know at the time, those changes alone bring up new questions.

We also need answers and opinions from a variety of sources. We aren’t here to be your only source of answers, only to be a source of answers. Experts don’t always agree and even when they have science behind them, their interpretation can be different. Our goal is to be one of your sources, and even to point you to others.

What does the name Conversation and Consent mean?

We are passionate about consent. Even the consent to talk or learn about things. It is perfectly fine to decide you aren’t comfortable discussing certain topics now or ever. (Be very careful doing that about your health and safety though, sometimes what you don’t know can hurt or kill you.) Our goal is to have this be a safe place to talk about things that aren’t always safe or comfortable to talk about.

For more details, see our About page.

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