Male Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation

Is it possible for a man to achieve orgasm without stimulating his genitals?

Assuming the man is completely paralyzed in his lower half; therefore absolutely no sensation, are there any methods to accomplish this?

Water on skin of indeterminate sex and gender personThe brain is the most important sexual organ in the body. The skin is the largest sexual organ in the body. It is certainly possible to orgasm without the genitals. I am female and I am able to do this. I have heard of men learning to do so as well. Skin and brains are common to all genders.

I was in college during the height of the AIDS crisis, when finding out you had HIV, let alone a diagnosis of AIDS basically meant death. I took a health class taught by an RN. She told us about a film she’d seen in a continuing education class where an HIV negative man demonstrated bringing his dying partner to orgasm just by holding his hand and talking to him. She was in tears talking about the level of intimacy they had (and shared with the viewers.) So, again, it is absolutely possible.

Note: This is an expanded version of my answer on Quora.

Image attribution: Klaus Hausman

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