Depression Before Period

Why do I get so unbearably depressed before my period?
I will think about everything in my life up unto this point about what I have & haven’t achieved & weigh them out and the latter will be much more to me. I self-loathe all day & feel like the rest of my life will be horrible. I start to feel like I want to die. How can I stop feeling this way?

Woman's head with tears and being split, looks very sad and coming apartPMS, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, is something that happens to a lot of people right before their period. Depression, grumpiness and other types of bad feelings are common.  There is something called Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which is a specific, more severe type of PMS, that has symptoms like you are describing. So, while you are miserable, you are also having average symptoms that average people have. Just miserable ones. There are a number of treatments that help, depending on the person. Go see your doctor or a women’s health clinic like Planned Parenthood. You might also find counseling helpful even though these issues are only coming up during this time. Sometimes we have things that bother us but don’t really come up until something else is added to the mix, PMS can be that extra stressor.

Best of luck to you and please, get help and don’t just ignore this because it is only a few days. I know it is really easy to avoid getting help for things like PMS and PMDD because you feel too horrible to arrange for help while it is going on, then it is over, so you can deny how bad it really was and put it off. (I speak from personal experience.)

Note: This is an expanded version of my answer on Quora.

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