Lube and the Ketogenic Diet

Slippery Stuff Gel TubeI’m on the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy (specifically MAD) and while there is a lot of discussion of which personal care items are safe to use with the diet and which contain hidden carbs, no one really discusses lube. Since both the vagina and the anus contain mucus membranes that are happy to absorb stuff, this is actually much more likely to be an issue than items intended for the skin. I’m not talking about doing keto for weight loss here, but if you are doing keto for cancer or a neurological disorder or something like that, a few carbs through a mucous membrane or some sugar alcohol if you are sensitive to them can be a big deal. (Also, if you are anything like me, it is exceptional if lube doesn’t end up in your mouth!)

First off, if you aren’t using condoms, this is simple, use an oil based lube. Coconut oil is great, it is something that we are supposed to be including in our “diet” anyway. Trader Joe’s has coconut oil in little packets that are really handy as lube. And I made my boyfriend laugh so hard when I used half of one for lube and the other half for a snack (hey, I was hungry!) I’ve also used Heritage Store Unscented Aura Glow. I’ve heard good things about olive oil too.

Honestly, I need to research condom safe lube further. I got as far as finding one lube I really liked and called it good. However, since I haven’t seen anyone else paying attention to this, I do plan to do more research and I will update this post as I do. The lube I like is Slippery Stuff Gel. It does contain an ingredient that is related to sugar alcohols, but it is really stable and should not effect your body like a sugar alcohol (and doesn’t mine.)

If you have a favorite lube that is keto-safe, or are or know someone doing research into keto-safe lubes, please comment below.¬†Or if you’d like me to investigate¬†your favorite lube.

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