Juli in clubbing clothes Conversation and Consent is a safe space to talk about sex, relationships, health and related issues. I’m Juli and I’m passionate about consent and allowing everyone to be as educated as they want and need to be on these topics. I spent seven years working at a sex positive retailer. While there I discovered that not only do I love helping people find their answers and teaching safe, comfortable ways to follow their interests, they kept coming back for more. Although the store where I worked no longer exists, questions on these topics keep coming back to me. I’ve realized that once a sex educator, always a sex educator. Because some of my personal sexuality education has been thought my church, combined with a degree in religious studies, I am particularly good at helping people with thorny issues regarding the overlap between faith and sexuality.  Throughout this blog, you will see the term we referencing the blog team, this is to acknowledge my behind the scenes advisors, as well as guest posters. (If you think you’d be a great guest poster, get in touch!)

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