Embarrassment About Sex

Is Sex Embarrassing?

I am a teenager and a lot less open about sex than my peers. It might be strange, but I try to think about what it’d be like for me to have sex. I think I’d make embarrassing sounds and faces and that embarrasses me. I’m insecure in my body, so that also plays a role. Is it normal to feel this way? Continue reading “Embarrassment About Sex”

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Part Two

My second pelvic floor PT session started with my therapist and I going over my bladder log and talking about the prior week. By the way, I should mention that they know what I do and has consented to my blogging my therapy. Basically, I do not drink anywhere near enough. They told me that my bladder would be happier with me drinking more coffee and sparkling water than the amount of liquids I have been drinking, which woo hoo! Because, I love coffee. (I have just started tapering onto a medication that is supposed to make people not love coffee and it does not seem to be impacting me that way at all!) Continue reading “Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Part Two”

Dating With Light Bladder Leaks

This is basically pelvic floor physical therapy post two and a half.

Light bladder leaks is the current euphemism for wetting yourself or incontinence. I am not sure what the difference between a light bladder leak and a heavy bladder leak is. I do not think I have actually heard the term heavy bladder leak. Anyway, I have seizures, sometimes I pee myself with or immediately after said seizures. I don’t want to be dragging around a change of clothes at all times, so I wear a pad. This means that yes, I’m probably wearing a pad on dates. I used to get all nervous about the possibility of having seizures during sex (and yes during dates), I’ve mentioned that before. But when I started needing to wear pads regularly I had to deal with that as well. At first, I tried to hide it, taking them off as soon as I thought something sexy was likely to happen. That was kind of distracting though, because I’d have to make my exit to the bathroom when things maybe got unexpectedly hot and heavy. I had one partner that I wasn’t really comfortable talking to it about it, because it didn’t go well when I started to broach the issue, and I realized that that was part of his problem with periods. And that really the whole thing was his problem. (Also, probably a clue that maybe not the right guy for me.) (Bladder leak pads are basically, if not entirely, the same pads if you have girl parts – you can buy them with extra absorbability in different sections of the pad but I’m not sure how this helps, otherwise they just have different labels and prices.) Continue reading “Dating With Light Bladder Leaks”

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Part One

This post is a little different than usual because I will be talking about a personal experience that can apply to sexuality for many of us.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is something done for a bunch of reasons related in any way to the muscles at the bottom of the pelvis or the bladder. When we talk about doing Kegal exercises or Kegal muscles, we are talking about some of these muscles. Some of the main reasons to go to pelvic floor PT are incontinence or small bladder leaks from things like coughing or sneezing. Painful sex is another reason people go to pelvic floor PT. Pelvic floor PT is also used for people who have difficulty with orgasm. Both men and women can be helped by pelvic floor physical therapy. I asked to go because when I have seizures, I can feel myself losing some but not all of my bladder control muscles when I lose bladder control and am hoping to use the muscles I have to not wet myself. Also, I am picking up bad bladder habits in an effort to not have accidents when I have seizures and I would prefer not to be incontinent, which is where bad bladder habits lead. These bad habits are already leading me to leak when I cough or sneeze sometimes.  Maintaining bladder control with seizures is a novel use of pelvic floor PT, but maintaining continence is not. My experiences that I share here will mostly focus on continence and not other uses of pelvic floor PT. But there will be similarities with all reasons to go for therapy. Continue reading “Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Part One”

Oversensitive Glans Penis

I am uncircumcised and have no problem with sensitivity when I am not erect (I can touch it easily), but if it is exposed during oral sex it is almost unbearable. I can have sex with a condom on fine but the second someone touches it with their mouth I literally have spasms and have to push them away. Any advice on how to change this, it’s pretty annoying… Continue reading “Oversensitive Glans Penis”