My Planned Parenthood Story

I stand with Planned ParenthoodI went to Planned Parenthood for the first time fairly recently. I had possibly been exposed to sexually transmitted infections and I could get in there more quickly than I could get in to see my doctor. Also, money was an issue and I wasn’t sure how much of the testing my insurance company was going to pay for (some of those tests can be expensive and my insurance at the time┬ápaid what seems like random percentages of tests.) I was treated with great respect, compassion and no judgement. I got a lot of additional information about my sexual health.

Although I had been going to the neurologist and marking off the checkbox that says I have incontinence for years (thanks seizures!), the nurse practitioner I saw at Planned Parenthood was the first health care provider to actually address the issue as something to more than glide over or as an inevitability. She told me about pelvic floor physical therapy and that there are a number of excellent providers in the area who could probably help me. Although I wasn’t ready to look into it at the time, I have since and it has made a huge difference in my life.

That visit to Planned Parenthood also helped me realize that my relationship was not as emotionally safe as it needed to be and gave me the strength to stand up to my partner and demand more.

Planned Parenthood gave me basic healthcare and safety in an affordable and timely manner. The fact that our government is trying to take that away from our citizens is frankly rather disgusting.