Content Warnings

Some content, particularly of the nature we cover here, can be triggering to various people for various reasons. Supporting our readers mental and emotional health is part of our mission. However, most of what we talk about is likely to be triggering to some people. To serve our readers best, post titles will be written to include sufficient information to allow readers make a decision about that post and the questions, which may be triggering, will occur within the post. There will not be specifically marked TW or trigger warning sections within posts unless that information cannot be alluded to or included in the post title.

If you ever feel like we get this wrong, please make a comment on the post or this page, which will be read and taken very seriously. Comments are moderated, so these comments will be read, but not posted. Make two comments if you want to make a comment on a post and let us know about insufficient warning. This policy is not intended to make light of the need for trigger warnings in general, but rather to acknowledge that almost everything covered in the blog is likely to be triggering to some people and handle that appropriately.